SCT '61 Photo Index
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1. NNB131
Manchester 31, NNB131, Leyland PSU1/13 with Bond RC41F body (on Burlingham frames) in Piccadilly Bus Station. Six Royal Tigers were delivered in 1953 with raised roof bodies for airport work.
Photo taken Tuesday 18 October 1955, Piccadilly Bus Station, Manchester
2. OWR264
77, OWR264, is one of South Yorkshire's splendid pair of Bond-bodied PD2s and is seen in the wash at the new depot to which South Yorkshire had moved about the end of 1973. The sole surviving Leyland-bodied PD2 75 can just be seen, along with a Ford Transit van.
Photo taken Saturday 25 May 1974, Pontefract Depot
3. OWR265
South Yorkshire 78, OWR265, was one of two Leyland PD2/20s with rare Bond L53R bodywork, purchased in 1954.
Photo taken 1965, Horse Fair, Pontefract
4. OWR265
South Yorkshire Leyland Titan 78, OWR265, a Leyland PD2/20 with a Bond L27/26RD body, one of a pair new in early 1955.
Photo taken 1972, Leeds Central Bus Station
5. OWR265
South Yorkshire chose the small firm Lancashire firm of Bond Brothers to build a pair of Leyland Titans in 1955. Seen in Leeds is 78, OWR265, a Leyland Titan PD2/20.
Photo taken Saturday 21 August 1971, Leeds Central Bus Station
6. OWR265
One of two with Bond L27/26RD bodies new in 1955, South Yorkshire Motors 78, OWR265, a Leyland PD2/20 is seen in Pontefract Bus Station.
Photo taken Saturday 26 July 1969, Pontefract Bus Station
7. OWR265
South Yorkshire 78, OWR265, a Leyland PD2/20 with a Bond L27/26RD body was seen in Pontefract.
Photo taken Tuesday 18 April 1972, Pontefract
8. JBN141
Bolton Corporation 10, JBN141, seen at Moor Lane Bus Station carried a Bond B43F body on its Leyland PSU1/14 Royal Tiger chassis new in 1956, the last Royal Tiger to be built.
Photo taken Tuesday 22 March 1960, Moor Lane Bus Station
9. XTC853
Ashton 66, XTC853, a Guy Arab IV with a Bond H32/28R body new in 1956 was seen in the bus station in Ashton.
Photo taken Saturday 7 August 1965, Ashton Bus Station
10. YTE826
Ashton-under-Lyne 87, YTE826, a BUT 9612T with Bond H61R body, new in 1956.
Photo taken Thursday 30 July 1964, Portland Street, Manchester
11. YTE826
Ashton-under-Lyne 87, YTE826, BUT9612T with Bond H61R body, new in 1956.
Photo taken Wednesday 4 August 1965, Portland Street, Manchester
12. YTE826
Preserved Ashton-under-Lyne 87, YTE826, a BUT9612T with Bond H61R body, new in 1956.
Photo taken Sunday 12 June 2011, at East Anglia Transport Museum, Carlton Colville
13. YTE827
Ashton-under-Lyne 88, YTE827, is a BUT 9612T with Bond H33/28R bodywork new in October 1956, as part of the last batch of new trolleybuses delivered. Seen here in Gorton operating a 218 service to Stalybridge, 88 remained in service until June 1966, some six months before the system closed. Similar vehicle 87 is preserved.
Photo taken Sunday 25 October 1959, in Ashton Old Road, Gorton, Manchester