SCT '61 Photo Index
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1. 4508
Guernsey Motors 43, 4508, new in June 1948, was an Austin CXB with a Barnard B33F body. One of four such buses, it was withdrawn in September 1969.
Photo taken Saturday 11 June 1966, St Peter Port Bus Stand, Guernsey
2. 4510
Guernsey Motors 44, 4510, (all Guernsey registrations are numbers only) a 1948 Austin CXB with Barnard body. This bus is now in service in the Isles of Scilly and re-registered VVS912.
Photo taken 1985, St. Peter Port, Guernsey
3. 4512
Guernsey Motors 45, 4512, believed to be an Austin CXB with a Barnard B33F body. New in 1948 and parked in St. Peter Port.
Photo taken August 1966, St. Peter Port, Guernsey
4. JC8344
Formerly in the Llandudno UDC fleet, this small Guy Wolf chassis, JC8344, carries a Barnard body and dates from 1948.
Photo taken 2004, North Parade, Llandudno
5. VVS913
1948 Austin K4 VVS913 with Barnard B33F body, new to Guernsey Motors, St. Peter Port as their 44 in May 1948 and registered 4510.
Photo taken Sep 2002, St. Mary's Golf Club
6. AYJ368
Dundee 150, AYJ368, was an AEC Regent III with Barnard H30/26R bodywork. It was new in December 1949 and was originally numbered 138. It was renumbered in 1959 and withdrawn later in 1969.
Photo taken 1969, Shore Terrace/Dock Street
7. HWX753
Rossie, Rossington HWX753 was a Daimler CVD6 with a Barnard H30/26R body, new in June 1949 which was seen at Glasgow Paddocks, Doncaster.
Photo taken Friday 2 June 1961, Glasgow Paddocks Bus Station, Doncaster
8. JC9735
Llandudno JC9735, a Guy Wolf with Barnard B20F body built 1949, awaits passengers for the town tour in August 1974. Gloddaeth Street is in the background, the site of the tramway to the West shore terminus.
Photo taken Tuesday 20 August 1974, North Parade, Llandudno
9. FKY575
FKY575, Bradford 575, is a Daimler CVD6 one of six with rare Barnard H30/26R body seen here in Bolton Road. It was new in January 1950 and was withdrawn at the end of June 1959.
Photo taken Sunday 24 June 1956, Bolton Road, Bradford