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An unidentified Halifax Corporation AEC Regent V 2D3RA / Metro Cammell H40/32F, new 1960.
Taken from an admittedly very poor quality slide with a colour cast I just can't improve on any more, but to follow up my earlier one of the PD2 passing through Dean Clough towards Halifax.
Found in a box of slides dating from 1966, but possibly in the wrong box and dating from a touch later, this Halifax Mk. V of the batch numbered 11-18 (LJX 11-18) is seen descending Lee Bridge on an outward journey and will in a few seconds pass the location of my PD2 shot (and that of David Beilby's).

Crossley's Carpets rather precarious looking chimney was in the course of being demolished, and a bit later the one to the right would be also, as would the saw-toothed-roofed building behind the dodgy chimney - known as the Old Shed or Gripper Shed - this area now being a car park for the other businesses in the Dean Clough Mills complex. Otherwise the others remain. 'A' Mill - which was the first of them all built in the 1840's and the only one currently unoccupied, is the dark looking one centre-left. The tall one with the central stair/lift tower occupying the rest of the middle of the picture is 'E' Mill, which hides the similar sized, but slightly lower'D' Mill behind and both are still fully occupied by businesses large and small.

Behind these mills once ran the GNR Halifax-Queensbury railway line, mostly in a 'cut and cover' tunnel. A line branched off this just before the tunnel, and descended steeply into an adjacent tunnel of its own, turning 90 degrees underneath the main tunnel and emerging into Dean Clough Mills yard, lines then splaying out into the complex. The clearance in this little tunnel was insufficient for a loco' to pass, so the wagons were delivered to the top of the slope, then ran down into the yard under gravity controlled by a brakesman. Shunting them around the yard and returning them back up the tunnel was originally carried out by an ancient Leyland steam wagon with a huge buffer bar on the front, but later this was replaced by an ex-WD WW2 Canadian Chevrolet with a concrete ballast block on the back.

The large mills in the background (Woodside Mills, and to the distant right Ellen Royd Mills) belonged to other textile firms, and in between the first of a pair of high rise flats (Haley Court) are under construction. At one time on the distant hill top was situated an old hall called High Sunderland, generally considered to be the inspiration for Emily Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights'. Present day versions of this or my previous view could not be taken now due to the hillside it was taken from being completely covered by trees. Here endeth the lesson.

Photo taken by John Stringer, 1966/7, Dean Clough Mills

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