Southampton 103 was built by SCT in 1929 and ran on Peckham P35 trucks. It had the distinctive Bargate domed roof which allowed passage through the historic arch.

Just prior to the closure of their tramway in December 1949, Leeds bought thirty-seven of these cars at a cost of 135 each. However, because of their poor condition, only eleven entered service with Leeds, with some never having left Southampton and the rest being immediately stored in Leeds and scrapped within two years. This purchase was controversial in Leeds to say the least and, although the cost per tram was low (said to be 900 including transport and refurbishment) those that did enter service were unpopular and short lived.

This car had been allocated the Leeds fleet number 301 (chalked on the dash), and is wearing an all-over grey undercoat which was applied to all the Leeds purchases before leaving Southampton. However, in spite of it being fitted with a bow collector on arrival in September 1949, it was immediately stored under Swinegate Arches until October 1951 then taken to Lowfields Road yard where it was burned on 8th November.

This poor photograph by an unknown photographer has been in my collection for many years, and was presumably taken just prior to its burning in Lowfields Road Yard.

Photographer unknown, Paul Haywood Collection, Oct/Nov 1951, Lowfields Road, Leeds

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