Southend Corporation Transport
London Road Garage and Tunbridge Avenue Works
This gallery contains a series of photos taken around the Southend London Road Garage and the Tunbridge Avenue (later called Tickfield Avenue) works.

Click on any of the photos for a larger photo and more details.

The original Southend Corporation tram depot and repair works was built in 1900, on the north side of London Road, set back some distance from the road itself, alongside the Corporation generating station that had been built a few years previously to supply electric power to the town.

This was extended at various times, particularly in 1931, to provide accommodation for extra trams and also the buses and trolleys that were entering service.

In 1960, a new garage was built to the front of the old depot, directly fronting on to London Road, all bus overhaul and maintenance having been transferred the previous year to a new works in Tunbridge Avenue (later called Tickfield Avenue), which was used to maintain all Corporation vehicles such as dustcarts and lorries as well as buses.

The works were closed in 1993 and the London Road garage closed in January 2000 - click here for an article by Richard Delahoy on the EBEG site written to commemorate (not sure that's the right word) the closure.
The London Road site in the early 1950s
One of the ex-LT Daimlers waiting to be sent for rebodying.
What looks like a randomly parked group of vehicles
Inside the London Road garage in the 1960s and 70s
Veteran Regal 203, by then being used for driver training
A Sunday shot
Single deckers 205 and 206 at the head of the lines
PD3s 315 and 342 on the pits
Lowlander 323 round the back
Ex-Portsmouth PD3 out front with a Lowlander, Fleetline and an open-top PD3 visible
Ex-LT Daimler 270 used as a uniform store
The garage in the 1990s
The Tunbridge Avenue works
A line-up outside
276 on the ramp
Inside the works
... and a second overhead shot
View from outside
Two ex-Ribble PD3s being prepared for service with Southend in 1974
Open topper 311
The Tunbridge Avenue works was also used to store withdrawn vehicles (and part vehicles) pending disposal
Line up of Daimlers in 1965
265, less engine, taken through the side gate also in 1965
Rear view from across the railway tracks
Regal 203
Four Regents in 1967
The remains of Fleetline 377's upper deck
A 1970s shot of accident damaged 337, Leyland 306 and three Lowlanders

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