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To me, this is the most interesting image in the Roger Janes Collection. Windsorian, Windsor 59 EBL959 was a Dennis Lancet J3, one of 4 constructed by Windsorian themselves using parts supplied by Dennis including the Dennis O4 oil engine.
They gave it chassis number 4WJ3 and fitted it with an FC33F body also built by Windsorian and was new in March 1949. It was photographed when still shiny and new by Roger's friend Stan Newman at Epsom on Derby Day 1949. The Derby that year was won by the second favourite with the appropriate name for sct61 of 'Nimbus'.
The other three Lancets 1 to 3WJ3 constructed by Windsorian carried less exotic Duple C33F bodies. Did the designers at Duple gain inspiration from this body when they later designed the grille for the 1959/60 version of the Super Vega? See here. There is an interesting copy of an advertisement featuring the body here.
In the post war years, Windsorian liked to book batches of registration numbers, the last two digits matching the fleet number although they were not always allocated to vehicles in the order that they entered service: DMO240 to DMO251 six Lancet J3/Duple C35F and six Bedford OB/Duple C29F which entered service between 2/47 and 1/48. EBL952 to 962 were a mixture of Lancets (2 built by Dennis, 4 built by the operator) and Bedfords (4 OBs built by Duple and 1 rebuilt from a wartime OW/OY by Windsorian - chassis no 4WOB) all bodied by Duple with the exception of EBL959. The EBL's entered service between 12/47 and 1950. Detail from BLOTW.

Photo taken by Stan Newman (the late Roger Janes Collection), Saturday 4 June 1949, Epsom Racecourse

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