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Another former bus serving as a service vehicle with Portsmouth was bus 80, RV1143, a T.S.M. E60A6/English Electric H26/24R new 3/32.
Its career as a bus was cut short during WWII, when it was stolen by a Royal Marine who got as far as Fareham where he managed to crash it into Fareham Railway Station Arch. By 9/44 the Corporation had converted it into a tree lopper.
From 1946 it ran with a trailer converted from the chassis of Guy J toastrack 12 (TP117) of 1934. RV1143 was withdrawn in 1952 and went to Kingsway Coachworks at Emsworth for scrap in 1953.

Photographer unknown (the late Roger Janes Collection), December 1949, Methuen Rd Yard, Eastney

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