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Also in Roger's collection are a few London Transport images, mainly taken by his friend Stan Newman. Here we have Green Line T641 EYK276 a 10T10 variant.
According to the excellent Ian's Bus Stop website it had a Chiswick built 34 seat body (I would hestitate to describe it as C34F though) on an AEC Regal chassis entering service in September 1938. It was requisitioned for use as a public ambulance in September 1939, although it was immediately converted back. In 11/41 it was fitted with perimiter seating increasing the permitted capacity to B30F+20. It was refitted with normal seating by 4/49.
It is seen here in the yard at Hitchin blinded for the 716. Apart from time at Chiswick for overhaul 9/50 to 10/50, it was at Hitchin from 10/42 to 5/52. It was withdrawn 10/56 and met its end in the (in)famous pit at Birds, Stratford-on-Avon in September 1958

Photo taken by Stan Newman (the late Roger Janes Collection), Hitchin Garage

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