Fancy a cuppa?
A selection of teas accompanied by various biscuits, for your delectation and delight. Unfortunately, we have as yet been unable to obtain supplies of sugar or artificial sweeteners; for now, therefore, patrons requiring these will have to bring their own. There is pop for the kiddies, too.

And just when I thought I wasn't going to be able to offer coffee, I found a single example (though on a poster, not a bus) - one for the sociologists to ponder, perhaps. Update: another coffee(-ish) product has been sourced via the trams of Leeds
99 Tea
Brooke Bond Tea
Brooke Bond PG Tips
Coopers Tea
Glendower Tea
Glengettie Tea
Golden Stream Tea
Lyons Tea
Mazawattee Tea
Old Judge tea
P.G. Tips
Pagoda Tea Tips
Paynes G.P. Tea
Premium Tea
Priory Tea
Ringtons Tea
Tetley tea bags
Ty-phoo Tea
Whyte's Reliable Teas
Lyons Chico
Drinka Pinta Milka Day (and variations)
Drury Farm Milk
Howard's Dairies
Job's Better Milk
Libby's milk
Portsmouth Dairies
... Milk
Broadhurst cakes & biscuits
Burton's biscuits
Carr's Almond Crisps
Cookson's Bread & Cakes
Crawford's Rich Tea Biscuits
Darbyshire's Prize Bread
Elkes luxury assorted biscuits
Fox's biscuits (mainly ginger)
Huntley & Palmers biscuits
Jacob's biscuits
McVitie( & Price)'s Digestive
McVitie & Price's Rich Tea Biscuits
more McVitie's biscuits
Parker's Bread, Pies, Cakes
Parkinson's biscuits
Smith & Vosper bread and cakes
Tunnock's Caramel Wafers
Weston's quality biscuits
Wrights Biscuits
More biscuits, brand unknown
Apollo soft drinks
Cleggs Quality Drinks
Corona soft drinks
Heath & Smith soft drinks
J & B table waters
Leitch's Lemonade
Scotts cup drinks
Smiths of Doncaster/Zarette
Spardal mineral waters
Soft drinks - in non-return bottles
???? Still Orange
... and for Children's Parties, we can also offer ...
What's that, sir? ... Oh, third door on the right, you can't miss it.

Thank you for visiting Ye Olde Tea Shoppe today.

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