The SCT61 Calendar
We have spoken of an SCT61 calendar more than once. This is just one persons take on how it might look. Climb aboard & enjoy the trip
Where better to start our trip than New Years Day?. Here we see the once familiar sight of a London Trolley bus battling through the snow, with care & safely getting its passengers to their destination.
On a cold, crisp February day in 1960 we find East Midland R323 waiting for its next duty. Snow is still around, but this was when we actually had four seasons.
Well, into March the weather appears to be improving as we venture North to Liverpool & find Lancashire United 234, a magnificent Guy Arab, resting before its journey East towards its home area, lets jump on & see where we end up.
Having travelled East with LUT, we find ourselves in Stockport on a glorious April day in time to witness Stockport Corporation 227 looking immaculate & beautifully highlighted against the grimy buildings that were once so common in the area.
For May, we travel South & find Royal Blue 2351 taking a well earned breather. These coaches looked wonderful in the fantastic Royal Blue livery & I would venture to say they are the finest post war British coach.
A rather gloomy day in June find us back in the North & we find Fishwicks No2 in Manchester seemingly on either a coach service or a private hire. On paper Fishwicks livery sounded drab, but in practice was most attractive.
We visit Brighton for July & at last some sunshine. At any coastal resort in summer, coaches from operators large & small would line up to entice the holidaymakers for an Afternoon mystery tour & day trips to local places of interest. Her we see a unique Bedford awaiting its customers.
For August we travel just along the coast to Eastbourne & find Eastbourne No82 looking resplendent & even more unusually for 2013 in revenue earning service. This bus entered service in 1967 & was retained. I do hope this nice weather continues as we make our way towards Autumn.
Still in the South & still in good weather, we find ourselves in Sevenoaks & see one of Maidstone & District's famous trio of open top AEC Regals giving some lucky enthusiasts a trip in the sunshine. These Beadle bodied vehicles had been new in 1946 & were converted in 1958. They still survive & they ran the Hastings town tour for years. Very musical they are to.
October hinds us in Derby. A few clouds are gathering & we visit the Derby Corporation depot to find these Superb Fodens resting. Despite Derby being a very keen Daimler customer, they purchased a number of Fodens which were very valuable additions to the fleet.
For November we make a very long journey to the North East & find ourselves in the delightful town of Bishop Auckland, home of the legendary OK Motor Services. Here we find one of their saloons in typically excellent condition getting ready for its next trip in this lovely area.
Now this wonderful scene is undated, but as we finish our trip in Leeds, I would like to think this is a few days before Christmas, with folk hurrying home on the tram after last minute Christmas shopping, ready for a nice hot cocoa & to look forward to the Festive season. Thank you one & all for joining me on this trip through the seasons.
Hope you enjoyed it.

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