It takes all sorts
Sometimes a person in a shot can create as many comments as the bus. This is a light hearted & irreverent look at some of the stars of SCT61
We can only start with Mavis, the young lady caught boarding an OKMS bus in Bishop Auckland. There were questions about her attire & what may have been beneath her mac. We were assured by an OKMS former conductor that this attire was high fashion for the area & the time. Mavis is now probably in her 70s.
A fine study of an unknown Bradford trolleybus crew from 1967. The driver looks a very diligent sort of chap & his conductor looks a bit of a rough diamond, certainly he would not take any messing about on a Saturday night, but as honest as the day is long & both proud to be doing their job.
Most crews that feature on SCT61 look smart & happy to be doing their job. Young Tilly here seems to be an exception & I think her tunic is the only piece of uniform being worn. It's certainly longer than her skirt, was that a North East thing? Her Setright looks to low to be comfortable & the shot shows how standards were slipping by the early 70s.
You really have to feel the poor husband of this lady. He thought they were at the front of the queue & she has just twigged they are at the back of it. Take a bow Dora Boggins, who is screaming at her fast retreating husband. I wouldn't want to upset her, would you?.
This historic shot shows the scourge of 50s Southend, The Magillivray sisters, Mildred, Maud & Mabel patrolled the streets in an effort to keep Southend free of Teddy boys & other ruffians. Brian was lucky to escape & thankfully is still here to recount his brush with them.
When this image appeared there was some question as to whether this was a Male or Female luring behind this Thorneycroft. We can now reveal that it is Miss Beryl Frogg, headmistress of the Rushforth Academy for young ladies. Miss Frogg is seen here keeping an eye out for her girls & making sure there were no unauthorised liaisons taking place with the squaddies at the new training camp down the road.
A celebrity guest appearance here. You may sometimes wonder what our MPs do whilst on their summer recess. Well, it would seem that former Prime Minister John Major played bus conductors as seen here popping his head above the parapet on this Lodekka. He had been a bus conductor earlier in his life, so was maybe, revisiting past glories?.
High fashion from the North East once more. In the glorious summer of 1976 we find Norah Battys niece Hermione on the prowl among United buses. She is seen here whilst on a forlorn search for her very own Compo, did she ever find him?, thankfully not.
Two for the price of one here. Young Sebastian has popped his head up at just the wrong moment & in dire need of a comb. The gentleman on the Velocette is none other than Mr Horace Golightly, the doyen of Zetters pools collectors who diligently rode around making sure all the stakes were collected. No doubt remembering his earlier career as a dispatch rider in the Royal Corps of Signals.
A superb study of this Trent conductor & his mount, taken at a time when crews took pride in their job & in their appearance. This man seems well wrapped up from the elements & back then the people who worked on the buses were treated with respect
We never really worked out what this lady in Liverpool was doing. As it was near the end of the Trams there, we wondered is she was keeping a lookout for her husband whilst he relieved the tram or various fittings as a souveneer or perhaps she was merely hiding from the milkman because she owed him two weeks. We will never know now, but its a superb shot.
Another celebrity guest appearance here, in the shape of Dennis the Menace during his post Beano days & working for Crosville as a conductor. It always seemed difficult for cartoon characters to find work after their careers were over, but Dennis seems to be happy with himself.
A view taken inside a Bradford Trolleybus of a once common occurance. The conductor making up his waybill. Concentrating on what he was doing as it was a serious offence to pay in short & no doubt looking forward to the end of his shift. How many of today's busmen would know what to do with a waybill?.
A lovely sunny day sees a rather attractive lady in her best summer frock walking home with her shopping & no doubt saving the 3d bus fare on the way. Across the road young Martin seems to be getting told off by his father. He could be protesting at the lack of ice cream, or is it an early "Mum, I'm bored" moment?. Most likely his Mum has just wiped his chops with a hankie moistened by her own fair mouth, did any of us liked it when our mums did that to us?
Well, there's plenty odd shenanigans going on here. There's a gentleman riding what is already described as an imagubary rocking horse, then young Jimmy makes some fine adjustments to his footware & Fido enjoys a stretch of his legs. Were our canine friends allowed on long distance coaches back then? A lot of characters in this wonderful shot.
Whilst still in Victoria, we find this magnificent Ribble coach, but sadly, Muriel in the background may not have been quite so pleased to see it. She seems to be suffering a bout of travel sickness. Her concerned friend offers assistance. Lets hope her discomfort soon passed.
The pavement makes a convenient resting place for the crew of this super Leyland. The young lady approaching the scene sports either the longest legs or the shortest skirt in Stockton. One can only wonder what she would think if she saw this photograph today?.
Despite the new PD3s around them Daisy & Ada seem to be very interested tn the AEC Regal before them. Maybe they are astounded at the full front body by Willowbrook. Alas, after all these years we will never know.
The late John B is being regarded with some suspicion by passengers on this Western SMT Leyland. More worthy of note is the immaculate Conductress & her driver, speaking to a travelling salesman. She is in marked contrast to the United conductress earlier in this gallery
You may wonder why this shot is included here, but go into High Res & you will see a chap walking towards the photographer carrying what appears to be a Bazooka. Try that today & half the security forces within a 199 miles would descend on him very quickly indeed. Also note the abandoned Mini van.
A young Susan Boyle does her best to ignore the photographer as the driver of the North Western Loline tries to hide his bus behind her. No lycra or hi-vis vests in sight here as young Susan rushes home to tune into good old 208 radio Luxembourg.
These three students head for home after catching this Lodekka home from school. Who knows what the future held for these three? These days they would be the same age as most of us. Let's hope they are still friends.
Ah, the person that never was. Many questions were asked about the Sikh gentleman on the roof of this service vehicle. Sadly, looking through the cab windows, it can be seen he has no body. Oops, its a spotlight covered over that just looks like a person.
The 70s, the decade that taste forgot, Big flares, big hair & no taste. We even had the Bay City Rollers inflicted upon us. This very animated scene would cause fits in H&S today. Hopefully no one got their toes run over.
A late addition to the gallery takes us to Leeds in time to witness the well known lamp post fancier George Heginbotham showing his appreciation of one of Leeds City Councils finest. He was known to his friends as Woodpecker. Whatever he is doing you can almost hear the gentleman walking past with his young daughter whispering to her "Ignore him Patricia".
Now where did I leave that tin hat?

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