The SCT61 Hit Parade
Well pop pickers, its time for the SCT61 top twenty, so let's get started on this week's countdown, Not Arf.
At number 20 is Rescue Me by Fontella Bass. This sad Hull trolleybus is most likely wishing that someone would rescue it. It was not to be & none survive. Rescue Me was Fontellas only UK hit.
At 19, Shake Rattle & Roll, by Bill Haley & the Comets. There is only one bus that this song could relate to, its our old friend the Leyland National. It shook, it rattled & it rolled, as shown here. The song was first released in 1954 & is still a great song.
At 18, the Beatles & Help. I'm sure this song was going through the mind of the driver of this Lowlander. when it dawned on him this was a bit more than a puddle. Im sure that a certain Mr Giles would have something to say about it. Help was the title of The Beatles 2nd film in 1965.
At 17, Winchester Cathedral by the New Vaudeville Band. Whilst not at the Cathedral, King Alfred Motor Services ran a fleet of dignified green buses in the streets of that fair city. One of the most respected independents, it was a sad day when the Chisnell family ceased trading.
At 16, The Tracks of My Tears, by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles. Smokey was the vice president of Motown record & released this song in 1965. Three years earlier British tram operation came to an end & the tracks were, indeed filled with tears
At 15, The Rolling Stones & 19th Nervous Breakdown. I'm sure the Daimler Roadsider was the cause of many nervous breakdowns in the workshops of those that purchased them. Maybe the title should be called 19th daily breakdown. The song has lasted better than the bus.
At 14, Silence is Golden, by The Tremeloes. Silence is, indeed golden for the many trolleybus enthusiasts. It was a sad day when these majestic vehicles ended. This lovely Bond bodied trolley is from the Ashton under Lyne fleet.
At 13, Stand By Me by Ben E King. You wouldn't have much choice on this SHMD Atkinson as most of their single deckers were standee vehicles. I've never been a fan of standee buses, but I like this 1961 ditty from former Drifter Ben.
At 12 we have Trouble by Elvis Presley. This is the only song that could go with the Wulfrunian. It certainly was trouble & this is the only one operated by Lancashire United & the best looking one with its NCME body. As I write this we are just a few days short of what would be Elvis' 81st birthday.
At 11 we have Do you know where you're going to by Diana Ross. For some reason some Tilling companies took to showing Service on the blinds, no doubt an attempt to confuse any grockles visiting the area. Does anyone know where this FLF is going to?
At 10 is Fire Brigade by The Move. It looks as if the fire brigade may be a bit to late for this unfortunate Bristol LH in the United fleet. It was its last day in service. The Move was Roy Woods first group in the days before Wizzard & that big hair.
At 9 we have Cliff Richard & Summer Holiday. With the RT it couldn't be anything else could it? A good film with a good soundtrack. The B side, Dancing Shoes is a better song, anyone for a quick trip to Athens?
At 8 we have the Animals & We Gotta Get out of This Place. Sadly, these three Ledgard saloons never did get out of this place. Eric Burden & the Animals were a tad edgey & this was a fine song.
At 7, Stranger on The Shore by Mr Acker Bilk. Back when the Atlantean entered production, this really was a stranger. Little did people know the effect that it would have on the bus industry & the tune is also a timeless classic.
At 6 a second entry by the Beatles with Day Tripper. The great day out by coach is a part of the British Holiday. This Commer Avenger is in the lovely village of Alfriston waiting for its day trippers.
At 5, we have The Continental by Maureen McGovern. This coach was one of the first continental imports after WW2. It opened the floodgates & now you can't find a British coach. The Continental remains Maureen McGoverns only hit.
At 4 is Poetry in Motion by Johnny Tillotson, a chart topper from 1961. It sums up this wonderful Guy Arab perfectly & is one of my favourite songs of all time.
At 3 is Ferry cross the Mersey by Gerry & the Pacemakers. Many trips across the Mersey started here with Birkenheads lovely blue buses, looking across to Liverpool is a wonderful view. Gerry & the Pacemakers were the first British artists to have three numbers 1s with their first three releases
At 2, a second entry for Elvis Presley with Devil in Disguise. The Panther Cub was really a devil in disguise. Thought to be the way forward, it very soon became clear that they, like many rear engine saloons were a bit of a nightmare & they had short lives.
And Number 1 is Tina Turner & Simply The Best. Which sums up this bus perfectly. To lessen the howls of derision from the North East, this one is shown wearing the best livery ever, after a certain Green & Cream one.
All this dancing around. Must go for a lie down.

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