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Malcolm Pelling who sadly died in October 2021 after a battle over a number of years with increasing health issues, was a regular contributor and stalwart of this website from his first contribution in June 2009 to his last a few months before he died, nearly 7000 messages in all, and much more.

After leaving school, Malcolm worked as a driver with Southdown, notably on his beloved Queen Marys, becoming a local manager and then area manager at Eastbourne. He followed his Dad who joined Southdown on leaving the services in 1947; it was there he met Malcolm’s mother who became a ‘clippie’. Later, Malcolm worked on the railways as a senior revenue protection officer with Thameslink where he met his wife Lorraine.

He was a regular contributor to bus magazines in the late 1990s early 2000s but it was through his contributions on here that many of us came across him for the first time and remember him so well. His postings were always informative and interesting, and his recollections and anecdotes were written with a warmth that really brought things to life.

Malcolm also worked hard to organise a weekend get together to celebrate the 21st anniversary of this site but in the end his plans was defeated by the Covid lockdown.

Among his contributions to the website were a series of galleries, known as Malcolm's Wanderings. This group of galleries produced over a few years by Malcolm Pelling wander across all areas, some of them serious, some of them frivolous, but all nostalgic. They are well worth viewing again.

He also contributed a number of photos, a few that he took and others from from his collection, which can be seen below.

Another of his wide ranging interests was Classic cars and he owned a number over the years. American cars were a speciality and he always fancied a Studebaker Avanti but they are rare and expensive so he restored English favourites instead and bought a 1970 Vauxhall Viscount not so long ago hoping to get well enough to start work on it.

Malcolm will be much missed.
Malcolm' Wanderings ... his galleries

Independent Memories Part 1

Independent Memories Part 2

A Treasury of Trolleybuses

Don't Ask Me, I'm Lost Too

Battered & Bruised Buses & Coaches


Grand Days Out by Coach - Part 1, 1945 to 1959

Grand Days Out by Coach - Part 2, 1960 to 1975

The Great British Weather

Treasures of the Twenties & Thirties

Uses for an old bus

The SCT61 Hit Parade

The SCT61 Beauty Parade


The SCT61 Alphabet

Full Front Double Deckers

Topless Beauties

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside

The SCT61 Calendar

The Ugly Buses Ball

Lost Liveries

The Ones That Got Away

Some photos from Malcolm's collection



... and the rest


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