John Boylett Memorial Collection Part 4 - 1963 on
These galleries have been set up in memory of John Boylett who sadly passed away in May 2011 aged 71.

John was a keen transport enthusiast (particularly of buses) and in the period from the late 1950s to 2010 amassed a collection of over 150,000 colour slides as well as 17,000 black and white negatives from the earlier period.

John’s collection covered the whole of the UK and in latter years was expanded with forays abroad with trips to places such as Malta, Portugal and Australia. As such, this is a record not only of an evolution of the transport scene but also a reflection on how times have changed. John often said that he had lived in just about the right era to witness the evolution of the bus scene, both in terms of its changing role in society in general and also of the rapid changes in technology.

John was very active with his hobby and throughout his working life was out and about most weekends, visiting both active operations as well as the Preserved Vehicle scene. This was indeed a busmans’ holiday, as most of his working life was spent working for London Transport as a driver, primarily on his beloved RFs and RMs. Almost always accompanied by his wife Joyce (until her untimely death in January 2007) most of their travels were by car, although they often travelled in RM737 which John drove as well, often after a full day at work.

John Kaye was one of John Boylett’s lifelong friends and often accompanied him on trips around the country. John Kaye was also instrumental in helping John Boylett deal with the computer age so somehow it seems appropriate that his skills and knowledge will lead to some of John Boylett’s extensive collection being made available to a wider audience. So, over the coming months (years!), he will be scanning much of John’s material and we will then add them to this gallery.

This is the fourth part of the gallery covering 1963 and later - the first part covering 1958 can be found here, the second part covering 1959 can be found here and the third part covering 1960-62 can be found here.
Leicester, February 1963, Film 126
Twickenham, March 1963, Film 126
Troon, Ayr, Ardossan and Largs, June 1963, Film 138
Renfrew, June 1963, Films 138 and 139
Paisley, June 1963, Films 139 and 140
Coatbridge, June 1963, Films 140 and 141
Hamilton, June 1963, Film 141
Galashiels, June 1963, Film 141
Newcastle, June 1963, Film 141
Reading, August 1963, Film 152
Isle of Wight, September 1963, Film 152
West Bromwich, March 1964, Film 161
Harper Bros, March 1964, Film 161
Green Bus, Rugely, March 1964, Film 161
Rugeley, March 1964, Film 162
Chessington Zoo, March 1964, Film 162
Colchester, March 1964, Film 162
Brighton, April 1964, Film 166
Coventry, May 1964, Film 171
Rugeley and Uttoxeter, May 1964, Film 171
Largs, August 1964, Film 191
Millport, August 1964, Film 191
Troon, August 1964, Film 191
Ayr, August 1964, Film 191
Ardossan, August 1964, Film 191
East Kilbride, August 1964, Film 194
Glasgow, August 1964, Film 194
Campbeltown, August 1964, Film 194
Paisley, August 1964, Film 198
Cumnock, August 1964, Film 198
Carlisle, August 1964, Film 198
Blackpool, August 1964, Film 198
August 1964, Film 198
Newcastle-under-Lyme, August 1964, Film 198
Southend, September 1964, Film 204
Blue Bell, March, September 1964, Film 204
Canham, Whittlesea, September 1964, Film 204
Morley, Whittlesea, September 1964, Film 204
Peterborough and nearby, September 1964, Films 204 & 205
Lowestoft, October 1964, Films 205 & 206
Great Yarmouth, October 1964, Films 206
Teddington, October 1964, Film 206
Upminster and Grays, November 1964, Films 206 & 207
Victoria Coach Station, Winter 1964/5, Film 207
Northampton, March 1965, Film 207
Rushden, March 1965, Film 207
Ascot, June 1965, Film 221
Derby, June 1965, Film 221
London, late 1965/early 1966, Film 252
Colchester, February 1966, Films 252&253
Watlington, March 1966, Film 253
Oxford, March 1966, Film 253
Newbury, March 1966, Film253
Jersey, June 1966, Film 263
Halfway, August 1966, Film 274
Nottingham, August 1967, Film 333
Newark, August 1967, Film 333
Lincoln, August 1967, Film 333
Bourne, August 1967, Film 333
Stamford, August 1967, Film 333
Southend, August 1967, Film 333
September 1967, Film 335
Otley, October 1967, Film 340
Leeds, October 1967, Films 340 & 341
London, October 1967, Film 341
Coventry, October 1967, Film 341
1968 to 1970
Cannock, early 1971, Film 7102
Shropshire and Welsh Borders, early 1971, Films 7102, 7103 and 7104
HCVC Rally, May 1971, Film 7104
London, May 1971, Film 7104
Colour Photos
This is the fourth part of the gallery covering the years 1963 and later - the first part covering 1958 can be found here, the second covering 1959 can be found here and the third part covering 1960-62 can be found here.

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