Eastern National
'Sold On' FLFs and VRs
Many of the pictures and captions in this gallery have been provided by Paul Harrison, a self-confessed FLF fanatic, of Eastern National buses, predominantely FLFs, after they had been sold on at the end of their working life, either with new owners or in scrapyards. Any more contributions of pictures of 'sold-on' Southend Corporation or Eastern National vehicles would be welcomed.

Click here for the other part of the Eastern National sold on gallery or here for the Southend Corporation sold on gallery.

Another excellent source of information about surviving ENOC Lodekkas is Rob Sly's BVRES site

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Restored FLF Coach AVG975G
A series views of preserved FLF NTW849C, the first at Southsea in 1975
The first of three photos taken in Holland by Chris Stewart, former FLF JHK455C
... and FLF OVX297D ...
... and FLF6LX WVX527F
Four photos of 987KOO, the first at dealer Ensign ...
... and in use as a mobile shop in Emsworth ...
... and being washed down after winter storage ...
... and finally in the South of France in 1996.
FLF RVW393D now in use in Scotland as a mobile home
Believed to be ex-ENOC FLF RWC943D, also in use as a mobile home.
Headingham and District ex EN VR LFS292F
Former ENOC FLF UEV219E seen here in October 2000 in Canada
Second view of UEV219E
3000, CPU979G, the very first VRT, now preserved by Paul
... and with Northern Bus in 1994
XHK234X, the last Bristol VR bought new by ENOC and Paul Harrison's latest acquisition
RWC607 and RWC608, both former ENOC coaches sold into preservation
2849, NTW942C, in immaculate condition is preserved at the Castle Point Transport Museum
1657/2780, 993KOO, waiting to be scrapped
2886, WNO974F, in very sad condition shortly before it was scrapped.
2904, WVX531F, seen in derelict condition at Norths in 1993
2815, GNO791B, was exported to France in June 1982 and reregistered
... and on a short return trip to Southend in 1996
2861, RHK346D, pictured here in 1992, in use as a caravan.
2903, WVX530F, seen here in yellow ICI livery in 1988
.. and three years later in Twickenham
.. and 12 years later still in West Drayton
2835, LWC661C, is now a Zoo Lab in Sussex, seen here in April 1996
2900, WVX527F, seen in the 'Top Deck' fleet in Chelsea in 1996
2839, LWC665C, also in the Top deck fleet, seen here at a service area in France
2839, LWC665C, in service with Eastern Counties in 1976
2877,STW765D, another vehicle in the Top Deck fleet.
2875, STW763D, also in the Top Deck fleet
2913 and 2875 at the TopDeck workshop in Chelsea
SVX 277D, repainted in London Transport red before export to Germany
2612/2944, AVW403F, was converted to a mobile youth centre
2929, AVW398F, seen here in the Netherlands in May 1997
2930, AVW399F, pictured in Croydon in 1992 - whatever happened to Rabbit Phones?
Another shot of 2930, AVW399F, in New Zealand apples livery
2920, AEV814F in Antwerp in May 1995
2912, WWC742F seen here in the US in 1991
2905, WVX532F near the end in 1988
1625/2751, JWC711, in Germany with a new registration
2805, BVX 681B, also in Germany and also re-registered
1683/2763, RWC605 seen in the US in 1995
1646/2769, VWC49, photographed in the early 1980s
HEV995B in the livery NBC could have chosen
2818 in Belgium
EOO589 in the livery of T Canham & Sons, Whittlesey
183XNO with the Castle Point Bus Company sometime between 1977 and 1980
... and a second shot
MVX878C in the elegant livery of Essex independent Hedingham & District
OPU 822D also in Hedingham and District livery
SVX278D ended up with Stagecoach of Perth in March 1983
2837, LWC663C, with Savoir Faire catering
FWC427B seen here in France in August 1998
Three former ENOC FLFs seen here with Scottish independent Irvine's of Law in 1982.
LWC660C in service with Stagecoach, Perth in 1986
LWC660C seen in late 1988 after being broken up for spares
WNO 973F (former 2885) in April 1987 at the Spitalfields depot of Stagecoach.
WNO 976F (former 2888) is seen here with Pennine Pizza
WNO 984F (2896) is seen here in the Stagecoach yard in Perth
WVX525F, the first FLF6LX converted for One Man Operation after an accident in 1972
WVX 528F (2901) is seen here in September 1987 in the Stagecoach "graveyard" in Perth
Former 2926, FLF6LX AEV820F, in full Stagecoach livery at their Perth yard.
AVW402F, withdrawn in 1981 and rebuilt as "The Golden Arrow" hospitality unit
AVX973G after sale to V D H and G W Coleman of Leverington
Three former ENOC FLF6LXs in the Spitalfield yard of Stagecoach
Former ENOC 2928, AVW397F, in Hong Kong after conversion to open-top
... and a second shot
VRT 3039, PWC 514M seen in California in 1993

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