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A fleeting mention was made a while ago about United's service 54/55 between North Shields and Backworth and the fact that it was sometimes, in the evening, worked by a single deck Bristol L5G.
Well here is a picture of what was more standard fare for the route. I say standard, but the route was usually worked by a post war K5G, usually KHN101. However KHN101 must have been taking a day off, as this is a hybrid, BGL32, GHN636, a wartime Bristol K chassis onto which is mounted a post war body, originally fitted to a pre war Bristol GO5G.
Known on our street as the "Backworth bus", it always announced its impending passing in good time, by the sash windows in the houses on our street, breaking out into a vicious, noisy, rattling, tattoo. Furthermore our neighbours were the first in the street to have a TV and the passing of the Backworth bus always caused the most terrible interference on the screen.
Our street also had other services running up and down it, United's service 8 and 42 and Tynemouth's service 5, but none of the other buses on these services caused the twin phenomena of rattling windows and TV interference. I always put this down to the rigidly mounted engine mountings and Gardner 5LW engine of the Bristol K coupled with possibly poor electrical supression. Curse you "Backworth bus" !
One morning, I was walking down our road, when I saw the "Backworth bus" coming in the opposite direction, but it was not KHN101. It was a bus with a standard looking post war body, a post war (just) registration, but a high radiator. I never saw it on any other occasion on the "Backworth bus", but it could have been the bus shown in the picture.

Photographer unknown, David Daniels collection, c.1958, Northumberland Square, North Shields

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