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This shot of former ENOC 2805, BVX681B, shows its peculiar half-open top format, which Paul believes was a London Bus Export creation. This bus was something of a mystery until he caught up with it in the metal at the 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show, and was able to check the chassis number to prove identity, rather than believe the number plate fitted at the time - BHN658B. The bus was initially sold on upon withdrawal in 1980 to the National Playbus Association, Bristol, who then placed the vehicle with Gwent Community Services in Griffithstown as a playbus.
In June 1982, still as a playbus, BVX went to work for the Worle Playbus Association, Weston-Super-Mare. In March 1989 it is reported as having been exported to Belgium by the London Bus Export Company and was then reported with B&B Worldwide Productions in Lanaken, Belgium. This shot shows it in Tissot watches livery, and while Paul is still trying to determine its exact movements, it did end up with German dealer, der Blickfang, who rent it out as "der Blauer Gentleman", though we were all thrown off the scent of an ex-ENOC FLF by the phoney British plate. Paul saw the bus at the Frankfurt Car Show in 1997, and was able to check the chassis plate under the bonnet (alongside its MAN engine) - 224 025 - which proves it is BVX! See it on the der Blickfang website, www.der-blickfang.de

Photo taken by ??? (Paul D Harrison Collection)

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