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Paul has many fond memories of VWC49, ENOC 1646/2769, as it was a very frequent performer during 1973 and 1974 on the 22A and 22B route which he took each morning from Clarence Road in Rayleigh to Victoria Circus, Southend, as part of his trip to school.
The second part of the trip involved catching a bus from the London Road bus station along the London Road to Crowstone Avenue in Westcliff - and if he had a choice, Paul always opted for a semi-auto FLF. VWC, however, was withdrawn in 1976, passing to dealer Twell of Ingham then apparently to T D Alexander (Greyhound) of Sheffield in March 1977, then in October 1977 to S Kirkby & Sons Ltd, Harthill, who withdrew it in February 1980. By August 1980, VWC49 was with the Hucknall Nomads Jazz Band in Hucknall, and presumably this undated image shows it on an outing with these musicians. By January 1985, VWC was sold on again to Wigley (Dealer) in Carlton. I know not whether it lived on - do you?

Photo taken by ??? (Paul D Harrison collection)

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