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This part of the SCT'61 website is home to a very extensive collection of 947 photos covering Eastern National from the 1940s through to the 1970s

There are seven galleries - see the list in the left hand column - showing photos of buses and coaches while in service with Eastern National.

There are also two further, extensive, galleries - the Sold on galleries - featuring a large number of buses after they had been sold by Eastern National, either into further service, into preservation or to a scrapyard. Thanks to Paul Harrison for the idea and for supplying many of the photos.

There is also a history of the famous ENOC Route 251 which ran in its heyday every 15 minutes from London Wood Green to Southend. It was operated for many years by the City Coach Company until they were taken over in 1952 by Westcliff-on-Sea which in turn became part of Eastern National in 1955. Thanks to Chris Stewart for the article, written to commemorate the final closing of the route in May 2000.

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