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Southend Corporation Bus Fleet

Leyland Titan PD2/20 with bodywork by Weymann L30/28R, new in 1956
299 MHJ921
300 MHJ922
301 MHJ923
302 MHJ924
303 MHJ925
304 MHJ926

The 1956 deliveries, another six Titans were 299-304 (MHJ 921-6) and reverted to the PD2/20 'tin front' model-known affectionately as 'bullnoses' by the staff. Like 281-6 they had lightweight Weymann bodies which seated 58, 3 more than their Massey counterparts - the more upright front allowed an extra row of seats on the top deck. 299-304 were actually lower height than 281-286 (which were classified as highbridge for route allocation purposes), compare these pictures of 282 and 302 and in particular the roof dome above the upstairs front windows.

303 when brand new
The first of the batch to be sold was 300 which went in 1968 to Wiggins the builders as a staff bus; the other 5 of this batch lasted until 1971.
Many thanks to Richard Delahoy for his kind permission to include extracts from his book in this page and also to Richard, Paul Harrison, Brian Pask, Ian Banks and Peter Green for pictures.