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Southend Corporation Bus Fleet

Leyland Titan PD2/20 with bodywork by Massey L27/28R, new in 1954
276 HJN836
277 HJN837
278 HJN838
279 HJN839
280 HJN840

Leyland Titan PD2/20 with bodywork by Weymann L27/28R, new in 1954
281 HJN841
282 HJN842
283 HJN843
284 HJN844
285 HJN845
286 HJN846
October 1954 saw the influx of eleven new Leyland Titans, just in time to replace the final trolleybuses. All were of the PD2/20 variety and although superficially similar, actually consisted of two quite different batches. The first group, 276-80 (HJN 836-40), had traditional lowbridge Massey bodies which had been ordered initially in anticipation of buying 18 secondhand LT Daimler CW's. In the end, only 13 suitable chassis could be obtained, and hence the body contract was amended to reflect the different chassis, for these Titans were Southend's first 8' wide buses (the old 7' 6" restriction in the Construction & Use Regulations had been finally abolished completely in 1950).
The rising cost of diesel fuel was a cause for concern in the mid fifties - and has remained so ever since! - and so it was decided to experiment with a batch of lightweight bodies. Thus the other 6 Titans, 281-6 (HJN 841-6), came with Weymann 'Orion' bodies. At 6t 17cwt they were almost exactly a ton lighter than 276-80 but the bodies cost 2,230 each, 255 more than the heavier Massey equivalent. In October 1957 Mr Baxendale, the General Manager, was able to report an average fuel saving of 32 per annum per bus but at the expense of higher body maintenance and overhaul costs. Consequently it was decided to standardise on conventional bodies, although the 1956 Titans, 299-304, also had lightweight Weymann bodies.
However, despite being low height buses, 281-286 were too high to operate under some of the bridges in the SCT area.
A brand new 281 can be seen here, standing behind Southend's last trolleybus in October 1954
This batch were withdrawn between 1966 and 1968 and were some of the few ex-SCT buses to see service with other operators. 281/283-286 were the first to go in 1966 and were exchanged with dealer Millburn Motors (plus some money!) for ex-Glasgow single deckers 210-214.

281 with Ideal of Hoyle Mill

... and a second shot

284 with AA of Ayr in 1970

285 with Cunninghams of Paisley, also in 1970

283 with Cunninghams of Paisley


283 with Cunninghams of Paisley

285 with Cunninghams of Paisley

285 with Cunninghams of Paisley
283 and 285 then joined the fleet of Cunningham, Paisley, 284 went to Bamber Bridge Motor Services (BBMS) where it was fitted with a platform door and 286 went to McNeil of Shotts




The rest, 276-280 and 282, were withdrawn in 1968. 277, 279 and 282 stayed near to home, being sold to building contractor C S Wiggins & Sons of Thundersley.