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Southend Corporation Bus Fleet

Daimler CVD6 with Massey L53R body, built 1949
251 DHJ427
252 DHJ426
253 DHJ428
254 DHJ429
255 DHJ430
256 DHJ431
1949's additions were six more Massey bodied Daimlers, 251-6, which arrived in June of that year. They were the only CW or CV model Daimlers Southend had which were not powered by AEC engines - in this case they were CVD6's, with Daimler's own CD6 engine.
256 was subsequently fitted with an AEC 7.7 litre unit but was withdrawn in 1960. The rest also had comparatively short lives, 251/4 were withdrawn by January 1961 and 252/3/5 went in 1963 when Lowlanders 323-332 were delivered.
After withdrawal, 254 was painted in a yellow livery and used for airport tours at Southend Airport, finally going for scrap in 1967. The others went straight to scrap.
Many thanks to Richard Delahoy for his kind permission to include extracts from his book in this page and also to Ian Banks and Brian Pask for supplying some of the pictures.