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Southend Corporation Bus Fleet

AEC Regent with Weymann H30/24R bodies, bought secondhand in 1946, ex-Mansfield & District.
242 VO8557
243 VO8558
244 VO8559
245 VO8560
AEC Regent with Park Royal H30/26R body, bought secondhand in 1946, ex-Nottingham City.
246 TV6747
AEC Regent with Roe H30/26R bodies, bought secondhand in 1946, ex-Leeds.
247 UG1029
248 UG1030
249 UG1032
250 UG1033
To help cope with the post-war increase in traffic nine second-hand 1932 AEC Regents were acquired in 1946 through Norths of Leeds; four had been new to Mansfield District (242-5); one was ex Nottingham City (246) and the other four came from Leeds City Transport (247-50) - these 4 had Roe bodies, a make not seen before or since in the SCT fleet. All were highbridge which must have made a welcome change from the claustrophobic lowbridge deckers which dominated the fleet but it did cause some restrictions on their use; they were often to be found on the 62, Central Station to the Plough at Westcliff.
The ex-Mansfield machines, 242-245, cost Southend 350 each; three entered service in 1946, but 242 did not take to the road until January 1948. The four ex-Leeds Regents were more expensive, at 455 each, so one presumes that they were in superior condition! The solitary ex Nottingham Regent was the cheapest of the second-hand deckers, at only 290 and was also the last to enter service, two years after acquisition, in May 1948; no doubt those two facts were not unconnected!

UG1032 in London during the war on loan from Leeds

UG1030 in service with Southend

248, 250, 246 and 249 after withdawal
All nine second-hand Regents were withdrawn between 1950 and 1952. Surprisingly, 246 was the only one of the second-hand purchases to see further service, for after withdrawal by Southend in 1952 it then ran for Worth's of Enstone (near Oxford) until 1954.
There had nearly been some earlier second-hand deckers, for at the end of 1944 Huddersfield Corporation offered Southend 6 AEC Regents for 2,500 the lot, but upon inspection they were found to be in poor condition and the purchase fell through.
Many thanks to Richard Delahoy for his kind permission to include extracts from his book in this page and also to Ian Banks and Brian Pask for supplying some of the pictures.