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Southend Corporation Bus Fleet

AEC Regent II with Massey L27/28R body, delivered in 1946.
236 BJN94
237 BJN95
238 BJN96
Southend's first new Massey bodies were delivered in September 1946 on three AEC Regent II chassis, 236-8. They had the inevitable lowbridge top deck, seating 55.

236 when new in the High Street

237 in the High Street in the early 1950s with the original blind layout

236 seen here in front of Victoria Station in the mid 1950s ...
Like many buses of the early post-war years they had short lives, being sold after only 12 years service - at the time that they were built good quality timber was almost unobtainable, with the result that the body framing often deteriorated far sooner than should have been the case. 236-8 went for scrap in 1958.
Many thanks to Richard Delahoy for his kind permission to include extracts from his book in this page and also to Brian Pask and Ian Banks for supplying some of the pictures.