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Southend Corporation Bus Fleet

AEC Regent with English Electric L27/26R bodies, new in September 1937

207 JN9527
208 JN9528
209 JN9529
210 JN9530
Southend's first double deck buses were four AEC Regents delivered in September 1937 with lowbridge English Electric bodies seating 53. They were also the first vehicles to have diesel engines from new. Originally numbered 157-60, they soon became 207-10.
All four were hired to Coventry in July 1940 and were heavily used after the disastrous air raid there in November 1940 which caused the tramway to be permanantly abandoned. They returned home in September 1941 (207/8) and June 1942 (209/10).
207 and 210 were withdrawn in 1956, with 208 and 209 lasting until 1958. All went for scrap.
Many thanks to Richard Delahoy for his kind permission to include extracts from his book in this page and to Brian Pask for supplying some of the photos.