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Southend Corporation Bus Fleet

Albion Aberdonian with Weymann B45F bodies, built 1959 (200/1) or 1960(202/205)
200 SJN634
201 SJN635
202 WHJ428
205 WHJ429
As a result of the coordination agreement SCT started to operate a number of more lightly trafficked rural routes for which crew operated double deckers were inappropriate. Initially one of the remaining pre war AEC Regals, 203, was adapted for OMO, and thoughts then turned to ordering suitable new single deckers. An Albion Aberdonian demonstrator was examined in 1957 and two orders followed for this lightweight chassis, powered by the 5.76 litre Leyland 0350 engine. The resulting buses, 200/1 of 1959 and 202/5 of 1960, had 45 seat Weymann bodies. Southend had intended the buses to have separate exit doors but the then Chief Certifying Officer was not prepared to authorise two door buses for OMO, so SCT had to be content with front doors only.
The Aberdonians were withdrawn in 1969 (200/2) and 1971 (201/5) and were sold for scrap - 200 and 205 fetching the magnificent sums of 31/10/0 and 45 respectively! By way of comparison, in 1959 200's chassis had cost 1,646/14/0 and the body 2,524/18/6.
Many thanks to Richard Delahoy for his kind permission to include extracts from his book in this page and also to Paul Harrison, Ian Banks, Doug Nicholson and John Kaye for supplying pictures.